Life After Retirement – Dana Wolcott

Written by Randi Beach, Financial Advisor

Winter 2017

For the last ten years at High Falls Advisors and several years prior, I have had the privilege of helping clients make the transition from their working career to their new life in retirement. Beyond assisting with benefit elections and choosing investment strategies, I always find it interesting to hear how our clients plan on filling their days, now that the pressure is off. For some, the plan is to continue working in their field- consulting, volunteering or staying active otherwise. For others, the plan is to travel, spend time with family and do the things they never had time to do while working.

As many of you may be heading toward retirement or already there, we thought you would be interested to hear the stories of other clients and their new endeavors in retirement.

Please join us in thanking our client, Dana Wolcott for being our first in this series!

In 2008, after 38 years and 22 patents, Dana Wolcott retired from Eastman Kodak Co. A career innovator, Dana retired having run portfolio management for printing technologies in Kodak’s Research Labs. Prior to that he had been a team leader in Kodak’s systems concept center.

A desire to stay active in his field post-retirement led him to partner with the Albert J. Simone Center for Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship at RIT. As part of the Saunders College of Business curriculum, students in the program have the opportunity to develop their bright ideas from concept to market. Students are paired with an industry coach, who has experience in the business world and also has the desire to share the valuable lessons they’ve learned with the next generation. Five years into this new experience, Dana is now the lead innovation coach in the program. He enjoys working with the students while they learn to innovate, and says he feels a day younger every day he works with them.

Many High Falls Advisors clients know one another from years past. If you are interested in sharing your life after retirement story, please contact Maureen Pilato at


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