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Funding Your Children’s Education

The average annual cost of a private four-year university has skyrocketed. Our financial advisors have the knowledge and experience to advice you and your family on the best options for funding your…read more


Tim Verna

2018 Tax Season Update

Ushering in the New Year brings the opportunity for new beginnings as well as some challenges. The obligation of filing tax returns presents us with a new tax law and the difficulty…read more


James Englert

Portfolio Updates: Winter 2019

Market Trends Analysis The primary focus of our Market Trends Analysis (MTA) strategy is to minimize downside risk throughout the investment experience. 2018 was a busy year in MTA. Many of the…read more


James Englert

The Current Market Environment

One of the risks of writing about the stock market is that it is constantly changing. With that said, the following was written on December 20th, 2018. So far, 2018 has resulted…read more