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Our in-house portfolio management team focuses on research, analysis and implementation of our investment process, while keeping a close watch on risk, diversification and cash flow. Recognizing that your objectives will vary throughout your lifetime, we offer a number of investment strategies, each following its own unique discipline, to meet your needs.

Market Trends Analysis (MTA)

The primary focus of our Market Trends Analysis (MTA) strategy is to minimize downside risk throughout the investment experience. Technical analysis is applied to the underlying investments to identify short and long term trends; portfolios are adjusted proactively when the indicators deem appropriate. There are 6 MTA portfolios currently available, with a variety of asset allocation targets ranging from conservative (Income Only) to aggressive (Equity Only and Sector Rotation) and several portfolios in between. Portfolios are be constructed using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) representing a variety of asset classes. Target portfolio allocations are maintained through rebalancing and other trading activity. Click here to download our Market Trends Analysis Strategy Summary.

Enhanced Allocation Strategy (EAS)

Through the use of asset allocation, the Enhanced Allocation Strategy is designed to seek long-term capital appreciation while reducing overall portfolio risk. Using asset allocation models to achieve broad diversification of asset classes, there are 6 portfolios offered. Managed mutual funds are used as the investment vehicle in this strategy and portfolios remain fully invested throughout all stock market phases. Portfolios are monitored, adjusted and rebalanced as necessary using in-house performance and management criteria as well as 3rd party research.  Click here to download our Enhanced Allocation Strategy Summary.

Personal Securities Portfolio (PSP)

The Personal Securities Portfolio service is available for experienced investors who would like assistance managing their portfolio of individual securities. Existing holdings are organized, analyzed, and recommendations are made based on the individual investor’s Investment objectives and risk tolerance, among other factors. Due to the characteristics that are unique to each investor using this service, fees are charged at a negotiated rate.

Core Market Index Portfolio (CMIP)

The Core Market Index Portfolio is designed for investors with a long- term time horizon and will remain fully invested throughout all market cycles. A range of allocations are offered to be used by investors with diverse risk profiles. Each allocation is comprised of index ETFs, seeking broad index exposure and low internal costs. Portfolios are monitored and rebalanced as determined by allocation targets, constraints and opportunities in current market conditions. Click here to download our Core Market Index Portfolio Strategy Summary.

Other Investment Options

Through our Broker Dealer partner, Leigh Baldwin & Co., we are able to offer mutual funds, annuities, 529 plans and other investment products. See an Advisor for more details.

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At High Falls Advisors, we believe there is great value in a team-based approach to portfolio management. Our investment committee is comprised of subject matter experts with a diverse range of experience including financial planning, investment management, financial policy and industry compliance. The committee meets regularly to discuss portfolio performance, and to assess investment risks and opportunities. Together, they advise the portfolio managers and vet portfolio changes to ensure we follow an informed investment philosophy that serves our clients’ best interest.

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