We are focused on anticipating your needs so you can focus on living your life.

Retirement, creating a legacy and business owner succession plans require careful consideration and diligent planning. Our process is collaborative and thorough; we help you identify, clarify and monitor your plan each step of the way. Throughout the process, our main goal is to help you achieve yours.

Whether you’re planning to retire someday or you’re already retired, planning your legacy or your new home purchase, we begin our planning process the same way: we listen. We gather information, help you identify your priorities and together we develop a path for your financial future. We check your progress regularly, as it is only natural for goals to evolve over time, and make changes as necessary to keep you on track.

Because life happens beyond the traditional Monday to Friday workday, we invite you to access your plan whenever and from wherever you wish through our dynamic, interactive planning tool. From your personalized planning center you can view your plan, update your goals and create new scenarios for discussion with your advisor.

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James T. Englert, CFP®, EA

Chief Executive Officer

Kenneth J. Burke, CPA/PFS CBEC®

President & Chief Financial Officer

Deborah D. Bastow, MBA

Senior Financial Advisor

Randi Beach

Senior Financial Advisor

Deborah B. King, CRPC®

Senior Financial Advisor, Broker & Investment Advisor

Russell J. Mandrino

Financial Advisor