James T. Englert, CFP®, EA
Chief Executive Officer

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e jenglert@highfallsadvisors.com

Jim Englert is Chief Executive Officer at High Falls Advisors. Pre- and post-retirement counseling services are the linchpins of his practice. His background as a benefits counselor at Eastman Kodak Company gave him the foundation for an independent planning business, which he operated for a number of years. At HFA, Jim provides clients with guidance focused on the broad topic of financial planning, including all the disciplines. He tends to begin a planning engagement by discussing the current issues that are top of mind to the client. Retirement planning and retirement income planning are some of the most common requests he receives. Jim is also an advisor for several of the proprietary portfolio management services at High Falls Advisors. In addition, he always gets involved during income tax filing season as he believes that understanding the tax implications of any financial decision is critical.

Jim has played an important role in developing the professional aspects of financial planning in New York State. He is an Enrolled Agent with the IRS and has served on the Board of Directors of the Upstate New York Chapter of the Financial Planning Association and as the President of that organization. He was also President of the Western New York chapter of the Institute of Certified Financial Planners. In addition, he taught CFP® candidates through the Medaille College CFP® certification program and was on the adjunct faculty of the College of Financial Planning. Jim also serves on the Board of Directors of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra.

Jim lives in Irondequoit with his wife of 53 years. He loves to read, and on occasion has been seen on the beach reading about investment strategies and markets; he calls it his pleasure reading. Jim is passionate about music, particularly classical and jazz. He has an extensive music collection that requires its own room and much to the amazement of his family, it is still growing. He loves the unique opportunities Rochester has for music and theatre lovers and you will often see Jim and his wife at the RPO and GEVA. When not at work, reading or at the theatre, he loves to travel with his wife and their teenage granddaughter.

Why Financial Planning?
I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with our clients. I get the greatest enjoyment in seeing that I have assisted a client in achieving their personal goals.

Most Embarrassing Moment
I had always avoided public speaking until my first assignment in human resources at Eastman Kodak Co. was to deliver the new employee orientation. While trying to learn the technology of a brand new training room (think slide projectors and movie projectors during the 1970s), I had everything set up and ready to go. With 30 new employees, I began the presentation. I started to get really engaged with the topic and while walking around the front of the room, I tripped over the cord that controlled everything in the room. The screen went up in the ceiling, the projectors started to roll. I then declared an early coffee break and survived the incident!